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About Us – DDF DUNIM

About Us

DDF Dunim PLS.

■ DDF is a Bulgarian shareholder’s company, registered by Bulgarian trade law.
■ DDF grows its own produce, converts it in its own facilities, to very high quality of services proposed to the market.
■ The Management team of DDF and each of its units consist of people who have vast experience of their specific area of expertise, and proven records of business performance in Bulgaria and the region. Over the last several years of operations in Bulgaria, these people have established very positive reputation among the area of their operation, financial institutions and Government officials.

The Company


DDF has been established in 2001. Subject of company activity was a extraction and processing of inert materials. Because of the small scale of such production demand, by decision of the shareholders the extraction of inert materials has been cancelled. The present subject of the company activities is operation, loading and discharging at commodities from and to Bulgaria shipping along Danube River. At the moment the company own licenses for Port’s Operator and Port with regional importance. The company is processing cargoes in value more of 460 000 MT per year. It is estimated that the value of processed cargoes for 2015 will be no less than 500 000 MT. As a result of that the company set up its financial and economic statement.

At the past time, however, this important sector of the Bulgarian economy was practically destroyed. There was not equipment, efficient processing and even basic funds. After investing many funds and efforts DDF has succeed to establish profitable business operations and in short time period to become important player in the region. The trends in the load’s shipping along Danube River are toward liveliness and growth, especially in the area of specialized shipping.

With its own efforts and with the support of some banks which operate on the Bulgarian bank’s market, DDF has built a port and sensibly has raised the possibilities to generate positive incoming cash flow. The Current Ratio shows value of 1.65. It means that the company can just meet its upcoming bills by now. But here is an important moment – this ratio shows stature in the course of year of 0.77 points and positive trends of growth. The main reason of that is that the company has succeed to pay back part of its credit obligations and now is in position to converts its own current assets into cash, respectively to covers its current liabilities. The Quick Ratio shows stature of 0.63 points and at the end of 2013 is 1.51. All these indicators show that DDF has more current assets than its liabilities at the balance sheet date. Under this scenario the degree of risk now fall into a state of inability to meet its obligations is too small.

Here is a positive trend of growth too. ROS (Return On Sales) shows level of 12.33 %, ROA (Return On Assets) – 9.89 %, Efficiency of Expenses (Net Incomes/Cost of Sales) – 111.43%, Financial Autonomous (Own Capital/Draw Capital) – 34.16%. All this proves that the company is on the right way of its own development and it owns possibilities to grow. The values of these indicators are a good signal as indicated for competent management.

Here has another important issue and it’s the possibility to execute additional projects with total effect in amount of BGN 6.5 Million. This issue could be discussed separately and it not included in the financial analysis, nor in the cash flow prognosis.

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantige. -Jack Welch

Objective and Mission

The very detailed knowledge and understanding of the parts and the whole of this sector of the Bulgarian economy resulted from several years of “in-filed” experience with this sector. While it is an obvious fact that the potential is huge, it is rather clear that so are the risk. Lack of enough funds, archaic vessels, poor produce processing facilities, the work and social philosophy were only several of the main growth-potential-barriers.

Careful analysis of the prevailing reality, having to deal with and solve growing, processing and marketing problems, strongly suggest that the only way by which this huge potential can be converted into huge success is by establishing and operating an integrated processing system. A “closed” system where the functions of growing and load’s processing are executed and controlled by one central management.
The main objectives and mission of DDF are:

■ To become a major factor in the rejuvenation and growth of the private sector of this sector of the Bulgarian economy.
■ To enable Bulgaria to take back and further improve its position as a major player in the area of load’s processing along the Danube River in Central and Eastern Europe.
■ To grow, develop and maintain DDF as a profitable company generating high revenues and profits, short term return on investments and positive cash flow.
■ To become a recognized and important partner in the development of the Bulgarian economy.
■ To be structured and operate in accordance with the standards of the European financial institutions, community and market to enable private and public financing and/or successful and profitable divestitures.

The Concept

The underlying logic of the DDF is to establish, maintain and grow a self-contained entity, which because of its horizontal and vertical structure, is able to continuously exercise control over the each and all of its operating processes.

The Management Board will plan, in advance, and dictate the variety, quality, amounts and schedule of DDF operations growing. DDF will plan its activities in such a way as to ensure the needed loads, the repair activities, and the continuous employment of its core staff. In order to increase the financial and operational efficiency of DDF, serious considerations will be given to including as a partners an equipment supplier and suppliers of different loads. At the end of the project’s realization the value of processed loads will be 1 000 000 MT per year.